Month: December 2022

  • December

    December… “The most wonderful time of the year.” A very tough month for many and so magical for others. People struggling to buy presents, feed their family to the extent of meeting societal norms, while others notice that one missing chair around the table a little more. Everyone has their own unique challenges and December…

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  • The Ups And Downs

    It seems that even with the ups it was inevitable that there were going to be downs. With things starting to look up and some evident improvements, there were still many dark days and moments. When things are going well you think it will always be that way. The same way when things are bad…

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  • The Road Back 

    Getting back on track felt like a full time job for me. It was something I was committed to giving everything to. I knew the dark place that I had been in and I was determined to not go back there. In the past I always saw things going in a straight line up, I…

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